Our Story

5 Star Container Unloading was founded in 2006 by previous owner, Mahu Powell. Prior to establishing 5 Star, Mahu had been devanning containers for 3 years, and had been in the logistics industry since 1998. 5 Star was created after Mahu found himself out of a job due to his employer losing a contract at the time. He loved the physical aspect of container unloading and the concept of being paid per container with having the ability to work with genuine, hardworking people, so he decided he would take matters into his own hands and work for himself, if he could just get a few containers a week to support his family he’d be happy.

Being at a shortage of resources himself, Mahu would use whatever resources were offered to him by Centrelink, using their office to call potential clients and utilising their computers and internet. He got his first break with a small grocery importer. Gathering family, friends and old work mates to help with labour, what started off as a job to make ends meet started becoming a small business.

Being in the industry for so long as an employee himself, Mahu wanted to ensure that all of his colleagues were treated respectfully, trained correctly and paid well. In return all 5 Star workers looked after its clients, creating a family like atmosphere within the workforce and created close relationships with clients. 5 Star’s mission was to provide a quality service to its clients at a competitive price, create employment and careers in its local communities and to achieve company growth. With key focus values such as safety, consistency, efficiency and productivity, this has been possible and carried out throughout 5 Star’s 10+ years of trading.

In 2014, Mahu took a step back from 5 Star and is now our Business Development Manager . Current Owner/Managing Director Aroha Martin took over the Company now known as 5 Star Container Unloading Pty Ltd in 2014, keeping the Business in the family. Prior to ownership of 5 Star, Aroha had been working for the company for a number of years, starting with the company as a labourer herself, working her way up through different departments of the company. With the extensive knowledge, she had acquired over the years, 5 Star is still thriving with the same company values and family like atmosphere it was built on.

Over the 10+ years of trading 5 Star have successful accomplished its mission, we have supplied many jobs and careers within and outside of our local community and continue to provide a quality services to our clients at a competitive price. It has been a great journey and the whole team at 5 Star past and present have greatly contributed to evolving the business from a 1 man operation to a successful company, each person who has come through 5 Star have left their mark on the company in their own way. We would also not be here without the support of our loyal clients and we hope to continue and grow our relationships into the distant future.